Top Best Games to Play With Every Kind of Friend

There is a type of mobile applications whose growth has been increasing rapidly in recent years: games. This growth trend is not seen a near end, since different games that involve users are released daily due to various factors. One of them, and the one that is most successful, is competition. It turns out that even if it is entertainment, we are very used to a world in which the challenge is to outperform others to demonstrate our skills, and from this game developers have known how to take advantage. Let’s meet 16 great games that work because we can’t stop comparing ourselves with our friends.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

One of the most famous animated series of all time is The Simpsons and it’s been three years since Electronic Arts released its official game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is a game that is not only fun, but also addictive, in which we have to rebuild the city of Springfield from scratch after it was devastated by an explosion caused by Homer Simpson, who also needs to be helped to find your family and friends.

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SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is another successful game created by Electronic Arts that is part of a long series of city building games. In it, we will have to create our own city with roads, buildings, factories, schools, and services. To achieve its expansion and demonstrate our power, we must create resources and trade with other cities and friends in order to obtain money and materials that allow us to continue building and at the same time keep our citizens happy.

Smurfs’ Village

Many of us grew up watching The Smurfs, blue characters who were always avoiding falling into the traps of Gargamel, the villain in the story. This animated series also has its multiplayer game in a mobile environment titled Smurf’s Village, in which we will have to demonstrate our creativity by rebuilding our town after being attacked by the evil Gargamel. To achieve this, we have to solve some mini puzzle games with which we will obtain smurfberries, the coins of this game, which will allow us to have everything running as clockwork.

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The Oregon Trail: American Settler

This game is one that uses the free to play strategy to attract users, a strategy that consists of allowing us to play for free but to unlock certain options we must make a purchase or spread it through social networks. The Oregon Trail: American Settler, is a game developed by one of the most important companies in mobile game development, Gameloft.

In this sequel, instead of going in search of the conquest of territories, as in the first video game in the series, we are already settled in a territory, in which in addition to trying to expand it, we will have to deal with different threats. The greatest fun comes when we have more friends also playing.

Tap Paradise Cove

All of us have ever dreamed of living an adventure on a deserted tropical island and learning about primitive life. This fantasy is fulfilled by Tap Paradise Cove, a game with a strong social focus in which we can explore different territories to clear them and build houses for the new inhabitants, as well as manage a fleet of ships to go in search of treasures. Its greatest strength is that there is much to do, which also becomes its weakness since if we want to move fast we will have to use integrated purchasing.

Nemo’s Reef

If you are tired of building cities, you may want to help Nemo build a great reef, he has proposed with his father, Marlin, to build the best underwater refuge by growing all kinds of plants to attract various types of fish and prevent them from they leave.

Three types of currency are at stake: sand dollars to buy plants, algae to help them grow, and pearls to accelerate growth and to buy exclusive items. Of course, we can also visit the reefs of our friends to help them in their care and get some prizes for it.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Developed by Gameloft, it is a video game based on the animated series of the same name that was released in 2012. In this game, we have to help Twilight Sparkle liberate Ponyville from the dark night with which it has been covered by Nightmare Moon and rebuild the people after being able to carry out the missions that are proposed to us.

The collected treasures are used to build houses and attract more ponies to the city, which are qualified to work and generate more income. Although it is mainly a single player game, we can visit our friends’ versions of Ponyville and give them or receive gifts to help us with our own towns.

SpongeBob Moves In

Loved by many, hated by others, SpongeBob is one of the most watched cartoons in recent years. His video game begins with the arrival of SpongeBob in Bikini Bottom, a small ghost town with only eight inhabitants. The goal, to help him install his house, get his job and make Fondo de Bikini a city full of life and can expand its borders. As we play, animated movies are unlocked detailing the impact of SpongeBob’s arrival in town.

Ice Age Village

There are many and very good games to build cities and show them off with our friends, but nothing compares to developing a village in the Ice Age, just what this game offers us with Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid, the characters of the blockbuster movie that shares his name. The fun is in competing with our friends to have the best village.

My Country

My Country is a game that allows us, through our strategy skills, to build our own ideal country, create industries and develop transport networks, while facing the challenges of excessive city growth.

2020: My Country

Although we have ever dreamed of living on a desert island, we have also dreamed of what cities will be like in the future, and in that sense, what we imagine we can translate into 2020: My Country, a game similar to the one we mentioned earlier, but set in the year 2020, so we can imagine how the world will change in the next five years.

Greed city

Available only for Windows Phone, in Greed City you must become a financial magnate and compete with your friends to see who manages to make a greater fortune. It is an addictive game in which you create your empire in real places, so to earn credits, checking in at your location is key.

Skylanders Lost Islands

Presented by Activision, Skylanders Lost Islands is a game in which we have to manage our own magical town located on an island in the Skylands and collect the Skylanders. To level up and unlock objects and characters you have to overcome the different missions that are proposed to us.

City island

If you like construction games like SimCity, you will like the three games that make up the City Island series, in which houses, monuments and community buildings are built with the aim of building an empire full of business, in order to convert the city in a great metropolis.


At Megapolis, the idea is to challenge our friends to create the most beautiful and best developed city, thanks to our skills in managing and developing basic infrastructures such as airports, train stations, seaports, mines and power plants. It is a game that has managed to obtain more than ten million downloads, thanks to its well-made 3D graphics.

City Story Metro

With excellent background music and similar to SimCity, City Story is the most cartoonish of its alternatives. In this game, the goals of the city become a challenge when it comes to developing infrastructure. We can add bars, boutiques, businesses, parks, hotels and monuments to our city, but the best thing is that we can get to know the cities created by our friends and even send and receive gifts from them.

Final Word

Those are the best cool games that work because we can’t stop comparing ourselves to your friends. That’s all no more today. Thank you for visiting our site.