How to Automatically Change Wallpaper on Android

Today it’s hard to come up with a more personal thing than a smartphone. We use it as a means of communication, entertainment, financial management, storing important data and much more. It’s even hard to imagine what it can be compared with, because neither the secretary nor the concierges usually do such tasks as are usually given to smartphones. As a result, we get used to them so much that we agree to replace with a new model only in the most extreme situations. However, this does not mean that we do not want to change something in the device during operation.

Microsoft introduced the Bing Wallpapers application for Android, which not only has an extensive library of screensavers and wallpaper for the lock screen, but also allows you to change them daily for new ones. Simply select a set of images that suit your taste and install one of them on your desktop. After that, a special timer will start which will count down the time until the expiration of the use of a particular picture and change it to another from the same topic.

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Android Wallpaper App

At the moment, the Bing Wallpaper application may not be available on Google Play to all users, so if you cannot download it from the official catalog, you will have to turn to unofficial ones. I myself am not a supporter of this approach, because I consider it unsafe, but what can’t you do for the sake of a detailed instruction, which will almost certainly benefit from the attention of the audience. So I just picked up and downloaded Bing Wallpaper on APKMirror. I advise you to do likewise only if you have sufficient confidence that you need it.

  • Go to “Settings” – “Security” and enable the option “Download from unknown sources”;
  • Go to Google Play or APKMirror and download the Bing Wallpaper app;
  • If you downloaded the APK file to APKMirror, go to Chrome – “Downloaded files” and install the application;
  • Launch the application, go to the context menu, and from there to Auto Change Wallpaper and set the period for updating images.

Quality Wallpaper for Android

Bing Wallpaper really includes a wide range of images dedicated to a variety of topics. You will not find here skulls on fire, crosses entwined with ivy and other trash that has no artistic value. Here are collected high-quality photographs taken by professional photographers, as well as automatic photography systems, for example, when it comes to photographs of cosmic bodies, other planets, the Earth or its satellite. If desired, you can sort the pictures by country, category, and even by the prevailing color.

If you are too lazy to look for yourself, you can go to the Daily Image section, which is updated daily and offers you images of current events. For example, I found there photographs of medieval frescoes, stained-glass windows and tapestries, which are changing daily with me, surprising me day after day. Now it has become a kind of quest for me to guess which picture will appear on the desktop this time. I have never guessed, but I have never regretted that I turned on auto-update.

How to find Android wallpapers

Bing Wallpaper is also good because it provides access not only to existing images, but also to many others, access to which opens the built-in search engine. Therefore, if you want to get something completely unusual, just fill in the name of the pictures you are interested in and see what Bing will offer you. However, personally, I never had to turn to third-party images, since the standard set was more than enough.